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BMK Makes Its Mark on 2020

Bering McKinley Makes Its Mark on 2020
Bering McKinley Makes Its Mark on 2020 - Bering McKinley

2020 is a year of opportunity for Bering McKinley in the way of amplified business financial consulting and expanded course offerings that hold big advantages for MSP. Here are our 3 top picks:

1. ConnectWise Automate Consulting Translate Into More Bang for the Buck from Your ConnectWise Investment

We did it again. Bering McKinley has added new talent to the mix with the addition of Will Young, Application Consultant, and ConnectWise Automate expert. Will Young joins the Bering McKinley team with a long history of ConnectWise expertise in service management and operational automation. Bering McKinley clients gain the unique ability to amplify their automation capabilities, simplify everyday tasks, and connect system data to a measurable outcome. 

2. Amplified Financial Consulting for Compass & GPS Peer Team Clients

BMK made a strategic decision to hire former MSP business owners as “guides” providing current MSPs with financial consulting and business oversight in the BMK Compass Business Consulting program.  BMK Guides have all owned their own MSP and intimately understand the challenges around ownership and buy-outs. The new BMK Compass Guides will add a deeper financial component to the one-on-one quarterly consulting, giving business owners a clearer understanding of how the metrics impact business growth and possible sale. Want to know more about the BMK Compass Business Consulting program? Contact.

3. NEW Certification Courses for Executives, Sales, Dispatching & Service Leaders

With an overwhelmingly positive response to our Dispatch & Service Management Leadership Course & Certification, the Bering McKinley Training Institute plans to add three new courses to its roster for 2020. The Executive Training course will target business owners, equipping them with the tools and road map for profitable businesses. The Bookkeeping course will enable your financial team with insight into tracking and measuring the valuable KPIs and metrics for business profitability. The Sales Management & Sales Team course will equip sales teams to hire, develop, and manage revenue targets. Stay tuned. We will be announcing topics and dates in the near future.


Adding Steam to 2019 Projects

2019 represented a big year for growth at Bering McKinley and that was just the beginning. We made important decisions to expand our product offering, add team members, and formalize best practices that could be passed along to business owners across the board. Moving forward, here 3 programs that started in 2019 that are gaining popularity in 2020:

1. Free ConnectWise Tuesday Consulting

For years we have seen the need for an open ConnectWise forum that would help MSPs get quick answers to many of their daily ConnectWise issues without having to call or wait in long support queues.  Rising to the occasion, Bering McKinley dedicated two of their Application Consultants to the job and started ConnectWise Tuesday, free ConnectWise consulting in a Q&A forum that is open to the public every Tuesday at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT. Ask questions; get answers is our motto, and we have had over 300 people attend. New topic-specific formats are being tested in January 2020, and we plan to continue to add a level of service that is unseen anywhere in the industry. 

2. New & Expanded Expertise

New hires and expanding our talent pool meant that we could offer more services with greater expertise. Early spring of 2019 represented internal growth with the expansion of an additional ConnectWise consulting and the addition of an MSP business owner to really help us polish our offering.

3. Dispatch & Service Management Courses & Certification

One of the big gaps in the market revolves around a talent pool of well-trained dispatch & service leaders. Having trained 100s of service leaders, we took on the challenge and opened a certification 3-day course that had nearly a couple dozen participants in the first go-round. We heard raving reviews and plan to offer the courses two mores in 2020. Look for updates here: Course Offering Updates




What's next?

Want help and answers now to some of the tough questions or challenges that have kept your business from growing or being profitable? Or just want to talk?