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How Proper Organization is The Key To Your IT Firm Flourishing

How Proper Organization Is the Key To Your IT Firm Flourishing
How Proper Organization is The Key To Your IT Firm Flourishing

IT firms can conquer their daily challenges thanks to the strength of their respective departments, such as customer service, sales, finance, ownership, and security. With IT firms only being as strong as the sum of their departments, one thing is holding it together: organization.

Proper organization is the backbone of any IT firm, ensuring that all facets of your business work smoothly and efficiently. If you’re looking to improve your IT firm, look below to see how being more organized can positively affect each department.

Customer Service 

With time being of the essence in every IT help desk situation, having a well-organized workflow is vital. The organization of your workflow determines how effective you are at assisting your clients and how fast you can get through your tickets. With clients needing solutions in pressured situations, timing can play a massive factor in customer satisfaction.

By emphasizing organization, you can ensure that your workflow accomplishes its objectives as fast as possible. An organized workflow will allow your employees to reach needed client information quicker so they can focus more on solving your customers' IT issues.

Increased organization also helps you better evaluate your daily tickets to see how fast your customer service solves each case. By doing so, you can put together meaningful data to better assess your workflow and see how you can make improvements to your workflow.


With sales being arguably the most critical part of any IT firm, your team must stay organized and on the same page. 

Sales team organization can improve through constant communication, such as daily meetings to get updates on each team member's progress and roadblocks. It’s also beneficial to make sure you have precise roles and responsibilities for each of your team members so your sales strategies are consistently taken care of.

Placing more emphasis on organization also helps sales members have up-to-date information that they can utilize to close their respective deals and make sure that all team members have the same access to it.

When the rest of your firm is more organized, sales reps can focus on closing as many deals as possible to help your firm grow.


Having proper organization is essential to your finance department. With an onslaught of information from payroll, sales, and expenses constantly coming in, it’s critical that your finance team is a high-functioning machine to keep everything in order.

The financial organization also protects your firm to ensure your operating costs are correct. Without this, you might unnecessarily lose money and make mistakes that could devastate your bottom line.

Having your finance department organized will also positively affect your employees, as it becomes easier to track their hours worked and guarantee they are compensated swiftly and correctly to ensure a positive working environment.


Strong leadership comes from the top, and it’s no different with organization.

When your ownership has stellar organizational systems, the rest of your IT firm will follow suit. Since ownership is primarily responsible for ensuring each respective department maintains high standards of organization, having effective systems will allow your ownership to focus solely on keeping your company on track.

Organization is also crucial in times of crisis, as when disaster strikes, your ownership will need to act swiftly and effectively. 

If your ownership lacks organization, your IT firm is at high risk of letting things fall through the cracks.


Your IT firm’s tech security is the last defense to protect your company. If something does come crashing down, it can bring your whole business to a halt. 

Your security needs to not only stop it before it happens but also quickly be able to access all the information necessary to fix the problem. A disorganized firm can slow security’s ability to fix internal problems and become a significant cost.

Security can also avoid any issues by ensuring they routinely evaluate and update any of their assets. By being organized, they can stop problems before they happen.

Use Bering McKinley's IT Checklist to Evaluate your IT Firm’s Organization

You can see massive improvements in your firm by emphasizing organization in each of your departments. If you want to know how to make yourself more organized, we have you covered.

Our IT Firm Checklist is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help your IT firm reach optimal levels of organization. If you're seeking additional guidance, contact us so we can help you take your IT firm to the next level.

How Proper Organization Is the Key To Your IT Firm Flourishing