Business Performance Assessment

Avoid Repeat Failures & Improve Performance & Revenue Outcomes

Why Consider Business Performance Assessment?

  • You’re in great shape and want to make sure you’re not missing any opportunities for further improvement.
  • You’re looking to sell your business in the next ten years and want a road map for how to be in the best possible position.
  • You’re struggling to conquer concepts or get over a business hurdle.
  • You’ve recently made significant changes that are not achieving the desired results.
  • You have brought on a new role and want to validate the current state compared to the future state.
  • You are considering a meaningful change within the business.


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The Business Performance Assessment

Bering McKinley has been around long enough to know that without a diagnosis, writing a prescription would be malpractice.  Over 15 years, we have learned that a simple request for service from our team can result in countless hours of chasing a solution when we have not yet diagnosed the problem. MSPs that seek out our services are continuously looking for ways to prevent repeat problems from occurring. They struggle to find the “root-cause” of the problem and continue to treat the symptoms of the problem and not the problem itself, only to have the problem rear its ugly head again.

This is why we firmly believe a business performance assessment that leads to business improvement is the only way to provide meaningful answers to the MSPs.

See How MSP owner & BMK Business Consultant, Jim Peterson made “Business Improvements in an Uncertain Economy. [Click to Read]

The Business Performance Assessment (BPA) is a one of a kind experience that takes you on a 3 to 4-hour journey through your company’s service, sales, financial and internal processes to reveal gaps and areas for improvement. The Business Performance Assessment helps MSP leaders:

  • Fully understand how the business is doing today
  • Identify clearly what the owners/leaders want to achieve
  • Reveal where the challenges exist in order to treat root-cause issues that lead to long-term solutions

Bering McKinley has performed 100’s of Business Performance Assessments and continues to see amazing improvements in client and project success.