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IT Firm Checklist for MSP Sales Leaders

IT Firm Checklist for MSP Sales Leaders with Bering Mckinley
IT Firm Checklist for MSP Sales Leaders - Bering McKinley

As consultants, we get this question almost daily. “What should we focus on first, and how do we manage our sales teams?”

Utilize this MSP Sales Checklist as a way to prioritize important tasks across your entire  MSP organization. 

1. The company employs salespeople.

  • Sales roles are clearly defined.
  • Quotas are established
  • Job descriptions are created for each of the 5 sales roles
  • Compensation plans are created for each of the 5 sales roles

2. Sales module is properly configured.

  • Activities
    • Types
  • Opportunities
    • Type
    • Close date
    • Next step
    • Budget

3. Daily sales huddle is performed every work day at the same time.

  • 15-20 minutes
  • Not for solving problems, identification, and awareness
  • What’s up
  • Where are you stuck

4. Weekly sales meeting is scheduled and followed.

  • Opportunity update
  • Quota review
  • Activity level reported

5. Commission calculator is created, implemented, and accessible 24X7 to all sales staff.

  • Earned
  • Owed
  • Paid

6. Commission payout schedule is created and implemented.

  • Report
  • Review by sales staff and management
  • Adjust
  • Approve
  • Pay

7. Sales manager or owner spot-checks opportunities monthly.

  • Impromptu call to prospect introducing self and checking on deal progress

8. Sales manager sits in on sales calls.

  • Early stage – every
  • Late stage – sporadic or at the request of salesperson
  • Report cards created and implemented at these meetings

9. Continuous sales training occurs.

  • Sandler
  • Bering McKinley

10. Monthly role-playing session for all staff.

  • Scenarios created and performance assessed.

11. Sales time entry occurs daily, is submitted weekly and is approved weekly.

  • Charge codes are in place.

12. Sales quoting tool is implemented and configured.

  • Connection to PSA
  • Connection to distributors
  • Standardized pricing (service) and margins (product) are established

13. Sales support literature is created, accessible, relevant, helpful, and regularly shared with prospects.

14. Google Ad Words plan is reviewed monthly.

15. Email blasts are routinely conducted and shared with sales staff.

16. Web site is up to date, and landing pages are updated and relevant.

17. Live Chat is installed and monitored.

18. Linkedin strategy is in place and tracked.

19. Facebook strategy is in place and tracked.

20. Key relationships with vendors are in place and followed up monthly.

21. Certification needs of the company are defined.

  • Understood by staff
  • Certification path well understood by employees
  • Certifications are documented in PSA
  • Certification needs of company are reviewed annually

22. Quarterly technician shadowing is scheduled. 

23. Quarterly accounting shadowing is scheduled.


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