What kind of lifestyle does your business afford you?

Let us help you determine the optimal mix of PROFIT & GROWTH to give you an idea of how close your perception is to reality.

Business & Sales Consulting for Profitable Growth

Getting your business in shape requires a few steps in between. You’ve started your business with an end goal in mind. Whatever the goal, getting from point A to point D requires you to address points B and C in between.

Life, finances, employees, and the day to day issues of running a business keep many owners from achieving their goals. You don’t have to have an answer for every scenario but you better know where to get the best answer.


Bering McKinley uses a proven methodology for helping business owners get to where they want to go.

Bering McKinley evaluates EVERY aspect of your business helping you clearly and quickly understand how you’re performing.

Our one-on-one Consulting help you overcome the daily obstacles that keep business from growing. We tell you in plain English where the gaps are, how to fix them, and most importantly WHY to fix them.

Peer Teams and Workshops keep you accountable, using a common language, working towards a common, to achieve uncommon results.

We help you achieve your stated goals by preparing your business for a sale, succession or whatever goal you have in mind.

Let’s us help you get from point A to point D.

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Grupo Sin Nombre Team Meetings 2018

April 9-10 in Phoenix, AZ

September 13-14 (Location TBA)

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Fresh Start Peer Team Meetings 2018

January 25-27 in Phoenix, AZ

April 4-7, Nashville, TN

July 26-28, Nashville, TN

October 18-20, Nashville, TN

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Peer Team 3 Meetings 2018

March 13-14 in Chicago, IL

September 10-11 in Chicago, IL

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Peer Team 2 Meetings 2018

March 13-14 in Chicago, IL

September 10-11 in Chicago, IL

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Bering McKinley Steps for Getting Your Business into Shape

Simple, elegant, and clean solutions are the hallmark of Bering McKinley consulting. Let’s not over complicate it. We are always thinking in terms of minimum, effective solution:

  • Simple and effective compensation plans.
  • Simple and profitable benchmarking.
  • Simple and effective sales process.

Find a service that matches your immediate need.

Peer Teams

Everyone needs someone to be accountable to in order to grow.

Business Consulting

We have the solution for getting you the profits you need, and the method for making it happen.

Sales Consulting

Achieve your goals with a productive & profitable sales force.

ConnectWise Consulting

Consulting: Get every ounce of value
out of your PSA investment.

Training Academy

Never stop learning. Equip your team to go
further with over 112 training workshops.

Others in the Bering McKinley Community

Every time I hear Bering McKinley speak I leave with a new outlook and I am excited to implement what I’ve learned.
Jim I.

Catalyst Technology Group

Bering McKinley opened my eyes to a lot of sales management deficiencies in our organization. We have work to do.
Ian S.

Gresham, OR



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