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Bering McKinley offers business owners guided navigation for building profitable growth. It begins with a Business Performance Assessment and ConnectWise Manage Consulting that leads to one-one-one quarterly guidance providing insightful visibility into company performance and Peer Team accountability to help you thrive and grow in your business. Discover a guided path to growing your business.

Our Business Performance Assessment analyzes and diagnoses where your business gets stuck and provides for you a blueprint to help you achieve systematic growth and profitability. Shave years off the mistakes you might have made by navigating a clear path towards your desired outcome. [Start Here]

 Getting the most out of your ConnectWise investment is a combination of knowing who in your organization handles what and making certain your Agreements and GL mapping match what flows into accounting. Bering McKinley offers guided ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell & ConnectWise Automate consulting and implementation. [Learn More]

Bering McKinley Management Consulting provides trending financial reports & KPIs on your organization’s financial performance one-on-one with a Compass Consultant. Gain a deep understanding of the WHY behind your bottom line and impact the future of your business. [Learn More]

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Expert Q&A Series: Managing the Sales Grind

Today I am interviewing Ben Altman, a Sales Consultant at Bering McKinley. BMK Sales Consultants focus on helping professional service providers find, hire and produce highly-producing sales teams that achieve revenue results. For the past 20 years, Ben has walked in...

Why don’t our techs enter their time? Honest answers to an age-old struggle.

Time entry – any service-oriented organization knows the value of technician time entry within their professional services automation software. Many technicians find it tough to follow through with time entry, resulting in inaccurate tech utilization reports and data...

This I Know – 17 Life & Business Lessons Learned

17 Life & Business Lessons Learned Dear Business Leader,   My name is Josh Peterson, and I am the CEO of Bering McKinley. I want to share the 17 life and business lessons that I learned over time through effort, struggle, error, and success. I hope you will...

Let your customers text while keeping your technicians’ number secret.

Most MSPs find themselves in a texting dilemma! This occurs in several MSP practices because customers prefer to text their technicians rather than pick up the phone or even send an email. Consequently, what often occurs is this: There is little-to-no accountability....

ConnectWise Tuesday Guest Speaker Playlist

You made a major investment into ConnectWise, and you probably have high hopes for gaining immediate insights from your ConnectWise investment. ConnectWise Manage is a tool to help you streamline services and help you track billing and profitability, but only when and...

No Rekeying Data Between ConnectWise & QuickBooks

 ConnectWise user, we have 3 questions for you: Do you waste too much time keeping data updated between ConnectWise Manage and QuickBooks Online (Invoices, Payments, Expense Reimbursements, etc.)? Do you struggle to access QuickBooks Desktop from outside of your...

What are your numbers trying to tell you (about your business)?

Your financial records aren’t just a set of numbers that indicate your profitability. They’re the story your business is telling you day in and day out. Most IT and managed service providers (MSPs) we talk to aren’t getting as much out of their financial stories as...

Cast Your Vote for Your Preferred MSP & Business Tools

  Which MSP and business tools do your peers use? Which ones do you think are best. Vote for your favorite MSP and business tools and see how they stack up against other popular industry tools.  Having served the MSP industry for the past 22 years and helped more...

Revealing the Top 3 Value-adds in ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell – most of us first discovered this tool when it was initially called Quosal and was later purchased and renamed ConnectWise Sell. ConnectWise Sell has some unique features that, if set-up properly in advance, will increase the likelihood of accurate...

ConnectWise Manage Consulting Success Story

Real-Life Business Improvement Story Not having ConnectWise Manage properly configured is something many MSPs can relate to. Here’s a real-life client story that speaks to the business improvement that can be gained when your ConnectWise instance is aligned to the way...

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Join us for ConnectWise Tuesdays on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. We answer ConnectWise questions in a live Q&A environment using our own ConnectWise training experts. ConnectWise Tuesdays are open to anyone on your team. Ask questions; get answers. All you have to do is register.

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3rd Tuesday Focus: Industry or Integration Speaker

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