Your business isn’t working the way you want it to. You’ve tried tearing everything apart, and you’re still not getting the results you need. Before you consider shutting the whole thing down, you need to think clearly about your business management—as well as the fact that your building manager wouldn’t appreciate you disappearing all of a sudden. We help you sort out the good ideas from the bad, and show you what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. Our consultation services get the results that have eluded you and open your eyes to new opportunities.

ConnectWise Consulting

ConnectWise is the leading business management solution designed exclusively for technology organizations, such as software companies, hardware/software resellers, IT solution providers, MSPs and System Integrators. Created by technology business professionals, ConnectWise provides industry-leading software for support and ticketing, CRM, project management, invoicing, time tracking, procurement, and sales quotes and proposals.

Your Professional Services Automation (PSA) package is your most important business investment. No one knows your PSA like we do. With 100’s of ConnectWise implementations and 1000’s of hours spent configuring, customizing, and mastering, we are the most experienced integrators in the world. We have traveled the world physically and remotely helping IT and MSP Providers gain every ounce of value out of their investment.

We can help you jump start your use of ConnectWise or help you with that final push to discover its full potential.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team when deciding if outside help is for you:

Are we utilizing the Sales Module?
Do we understand how Tracks work?ConnectWiseConsulting
How can we better define our Work Roles and Work Types?
Do we understand how products flow through from Quosal to Opportunities to Sales Orders to QuickBooks?
Have we achieved the “Holy Trinity?” of ConnectWise, Quosal, QuickBooks integration?
Do we have the expertise to get the Holy Trinity + One – LabTech?
Does my dispatcher really understand how to identify patterns in the Service Board to catch problems before the client does?
Do my sales people track activities and put them against opportunities? And why do I care?
Am I using work flow rules to squeeze every bit of value out of ConnectWise?
Implementation Consulting
Bering McKinley Implementation services focus on delivering your desired business outcomes. We offer the following suite of expertise that can be customized to meet your needs.

Project Management

Too often, project implementations fall short in meeting the outcomes envisioned. At Bering McKinley our Implementation team focuses on bridging the gap between the current reality and the promise of tomorrow, bringing about:

A better solution for the business
Less rework over the lifecycle of Connectwise
A smoother go-live and user acceptance of changes
Bering McKinley uses seasoned project management methodologies coupled with a fresh view of implementation processes driven by micro goals. Bering McKinley leads projects by focusing on the burning question, “Are we poised to reach our goal?” and collaborating with teams to fluidly manage and work to achieve the goals of the MSP or IT Business.

Business Process Application Consultant

Bering McKinley has combined two of their leading practices, Operations Improvement and System Implementation, to fill a gap noticed by our research and experience. The role leverages the expertise and depth of experience available within the Bering McKinley firm to provide a unique expertise to our clients.

A Bering McKinley Application Consultant is cross trained and consistently works in both Operational Improvement and System Implementation. The two skill sets are complimentary. The Operational Improvement skill allows the business focus on the definition of the new operational workflow. With these skills the Business Architect is able to participate in an unusually impactful way across the entire project. Our Application Consultants are equipped to align scope, project design, and functional requirements across project to minimize gaps and focus on delivering the predicted business value. They are experts in relating the ever difficult task of identifying, assessing, and communicating project risks and impacts throughout the MSP or IT business as a whole.

The Application Consultant role crosses between that of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. In many projects, our Application Consultant are hired as a single resource to serve both roles; however, they can serve as either independently or as a separate advisor to the business team based on the scope of the project. In whatever role they fill, the job of an Application Consultant is to always ask better questions and provide a forward-look of the project.

Business Transformation Consulting

Business Transformation Services help our clients to think ahead, execute the present, and prepare for the future with Connectwise.

Bering McKinley provides complete, end-to-end business support and advisory services, delivering creative solutions quickly and cost effectively throughout every aspect of ConnectWise. Specifically, we help develop plans, policies, procedures, goal setting, execution plans, identification of internal and external dependencies, resources, and more. We also assist our clients in translating their business strategy into executable action plans and investments that drive mission fulfillment.

Our Strategic Business Transformation Services Include:

Invoicing Process
Agreement Management
Accouting General Ledger Process
Service Management
Service Ticketing
Service Dispatching
Time Entry and Management
Sales Management
Sales Activities
Sales Opportunity
Sales Calling and Appointment Process
Workflow and Tracks
At Bering McKinley our philosophy is an integrated model focused on flushing out the feasibility and constraints related to the business process as a whole. We aim to go beyond “ticking the box” on a requirements matrix, instead using real-life business workflows to create a robust Action Plan representative of the real life day-one usage.

Our team relies heavily on our operational background to dig deep into the business team’s expectations and needs to create as realistic day-1 scenarios and plans as possible to provide the project with honest expectations for the go-live. We hold true to the old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

ConnectWise Navigation Compass

Compass LogoBering McKinley’s ConnectWise Compass Program exists to help IT firms utilizing our four step program. You’ll be working and reworking these steps for 12 months. At the end, you and your company will have completed a 360 degree refresh of your tool. Hopefully you’ll uncover new functionality and new discipline surrounding this amazing tool.

Identify opportunities in their ConnectWise usage in order to improve company performance
Educate clients on why we make the recommendations we do and how these improvements will improve company performance
Execute on the changes we recommend. In many cases we will be executing by making the changes for you and helping you roll out the change to your team
Refine your work flow to utilize every aspect of ConnectWise in all of your team’s day to day operations
At the conclusion of each phase the client will be able to accurately describe what changes were made, why they were made, and how the roll out to the end users was achieved

Each phases is 3 months. You’ll be using your scheduled one our call with your Application Consultant to cover each of the topics in whichever phase you are in. Not to worry, we can change the order to suit your immediate business needs. We will however always be working our way around the compass to make sure you achieve everything we are setting out to. If you have a particular strong areas, we can do a quick assessment and move on! If you are particularly challenged in an area we can spend extra time as well.
Your remaining 12 hours will be used to implement changes, train your staff, and to answer any questions you have during the time between meetings. Use these hours! Bring us into the team and you’ll receive huge value. We’ll ping you as we go, but we want YOU to drive the use of these hours!
Contact us TODAY at (212) 300-3016 or info@beringmckinley.com for your free Navigation Compass consultation.