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Your business isn’t working the way you want it to work. Maybe you’ve tried tearing everything apart, and you’re still not getting the results you need. Getting the advice, next-step directives, and expertise from a seasoned team of MSP professionals who have walked in your shoes and will bring to the table the know-how you need is invaluable.

Bering McKinley is the consultant that thousands of owners and MSP leaders have called for help moving their business forward. Our MSP business consulting services provide the know-how you need to sort out the good ideas from the bad, and to help eliminate obstacles that keep you from moving forward.

Business Performance Assessment

The Business Performance Assessment (BPA) is a one of a kind experience that takes you on a 3 to 4-hour journey through your company’s service, sales, financial and internal processes to reveal gaps and areas for improvement. The Business Performance Assessment helps MSP leaders fully understand how the business is doing today, defines what you want to achieve, and reveals where the challenges exist in order to gain clarity and precision the gaps and opportunities to move your business forward.

Compass Business Consulting

The Compass Program provides guided one-on-one in-depth guidance with a Bering McKinley consultant who will help you master your financials in order to spot trends, prevent poor decisions, and grow.  As a member of the program, you have access to Bering McKinley’s Financial Performance Dashboard and will receive monthly Executive Briefings delivered directly to your inbox with financial and operational reviews to better understand the WHY behind your bottom line. 

MSP Peer Teams

This program marries the one-on-one Compass Business Consulting with the power of peer team learning and accountability that you only find in a team of peers who do what you do. BMK Peer Teams are your way to learn not just from MSP consultants but also from a hand-selected team of other business owners ready to share their experiences and input. There is never a reason to be alone in your business owner’s journey.

Sales Manager & Team Consulting

Business needs are constantly changing.  Your salespeople and strategy need to evolve as well.  We teach you how to manage sales activities, not just salespeople.  From helping you hire your first appointment setter to working out a new compensation plan, we are with you every step of the way. Having trained 100’s of salespeople over the years, we will help you develop a sales program that sustains healthy revenue generation.

Service Delivery Consulting

Service the backbone of your business. It’s not enough to just solve your client’s technical issues.  If you want to achieve the next level, you have to master advanced dispatch and service concepts, models, and ultimately a blueprint for managing and leading profitable service teams. Let us help you build a thriving service team.


Sales & Service Certification Courses

Many Dispatch, Service, and Sales professionals in our field are in jobs that came with no formal training or standards. They have been expected to figure out best practices around selling and delivery models, utilization, sales commissions, and useful, industry-relevant KPIs. Position your team members for success. 

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