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With proper planning, expert guidance, and helping hands along the way you can achieve anything. Everyone at BMK wants to see you get to the summit and achieve the impossible. One step at a time together we can go places you never imagined before.

Business Performance Assessment

It all starts with a Business Performance Assessment (BPA) to create a baseline and identify the resources needed to succeed


Together we decide if Approach, Perspective or both is best for you.


Scope, timeline, and objectives defined and approved.

Step 2: The Kickoff Call

All hands on deck are brought to the table for your solution kickoff call. Your BMK team is hand selected and briefed, and the plan is staged and scheduled to meet your deadlines.


Bring all areas up to BMK standards to ensure full operational efficiency.


Continued support and coaching as
your solution matures and evolves.

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What’s Next? Business Building Services

Finding a consulting firm that truly cares about your success is difficult. That’s why our team is focused on your success from the start. BMK services are specifically built to provide you with more value than expected. After working with 1000’s of businesses, we carefully crafted our offerings to meet the needs of your business today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Business Performance Assessment

You are ready to build your business, but don’t grab those hiking boots yet! Take a moment to evaluate the team, center yourself with your mission, and map out the ascent. It feels good to dive in and stay busy, but it feels great to work smarter and gain positive ground.

ConnectWise Consulting

Bering McKinley provides complete, end-to-end business support and implementation services around ConnectWise Manage, Sell and Automate, delivering quick and cost-effective solutions throughout every aspect of your ConnectWise Consulting Engagement.

Business Building Peer Teams

Designed for every aspect of business, the BMK Business Building Peer Teams
provide so much more than peer accountability. Each team is supported by dedicated guides who will ensure you have the tools to succeed, including evaluation, planning, and training.

MSP Sales Consulting

Bering McKinley brings industry sales expertise as a result of having sold services and managed industry-specific sales teams. If you want performing sales professionals that help you grow your organization, start with the plan, people, and KPIs to measure success. 

Sales & Service Certification Courses

Many Dispatch, Service, and Sales professionals are in jobs that came with little to no formal training or standards. Give your team the best practices, standards, and delivery models to do their jobs at top performance. Get them trained and certified today.