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Finding & Keeping Good Sales People – Hard to Do!

Sales, love it or hate it, is a critical part of any service-based business strategy to grow. Without a healthy and productive (not to mention profitable) sales force, you will not grow. Despite this great need, sales people are hard to find and keep. 

That’s where Bering McKinley speeds the hiring process and provides the framework for developing sales professionals that deliver. 


Change Needed

Do any of these statements fit your sales challenges?


  • You’re trying to manage the sales team and run the business
  • You feel you are the best person to do the sales demo because you know the product the best
  • You’re frustrated because salespeople don’t do what they say they are going to do
  • You get stuck in the weeds and end up putting your sales team on an island that gets ignored


  • You really don’t have a dedicated sales manager, or you rely on your best salesperson to manage the rest of the team – taking them away from selling.
  • Your sales team is unstructured.
  • There are different processes for each sales member.
  • Individual sales members need industry training and certification.
  • You need help identifying and finding the right sales talent.
  • You need a set of industry metrics to communicate to management but do not know how to tie your metrics to the bottom line.


If you answered YES to any of the above,

Bering McKinley can help!


Sales Services

Professional Sales Services & Consulting Packages

Bering McKinley brings industry sales expertise as a result of having sold services and managed industry-specific sales teams.

  • Our Sales Consultants know what works because we have sold services. 
  • We have the formula for hiring performing sales professionals.
  • We have a proven record for motivating salespeople to perform and hit targets.

If you want performing sales professionals that help you grow your organization, start a conversation around a sales program that fits your needs. –> 


BMK Outsourced Sales Manager Consulting

For a sales department to have the highest sales volume, they need someone cheering them on and making sure nothing is falling through the cracks. We fill the gap in sales management to build the network, increase outbound prospecting; and continue to beat the drum of best practice day in and day out.

BMK Reinforcement 1-Day Sales Training

Fast track industry expertise in 1-day around topics like:

  • Mastering sales in the MSP world in uncertain economic environments
  • Effectively tracking sales activity & opportunities to your advantage
  • Conducting business conversations around budget, and other topics like these

BMK Talent Find

At Bering McKinley, we work with hundreds of Solution Providers every year. As a result, we leverage a massive pool of talent looking for a new home to find the perfect candidate for you. Let us help you find the right sales talent to hit your revenue goals.

BMK Institute Training & Certification

Many of us come to the job with little to no industry training. Both Sales Professional and Sales Manager Certification provide 12 hours of instructor-led training around best practices, industry norms, and KPI targets.

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