Why start here?

The fires burning, you have the passion, and you are ready to climb and achieve heights never before seen. But
don’t grab those hiking boots yet! Take one day to pause, evaluate the team, center yourself on your mission, and map out the ascent. The Bering McKinley Business Performance Assessment was made specifically for this purpose. It feels good to dive in and stay busy, but it feels great to work smarter and gain positive ground

What is it?

The Business Performance Assessment (BPA) is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes you on a journey through your company’s service, sales, financials, and internal processes to reveal gaps and areas for improvement. The Business Performance Assessment helps you:

  • Define your “Why” & Objectives
  • Health Check Your Team
  • Evaluate Your Vendor Resources
  • Baseline Test Your Service Team
  • Verify Best Practices for Admin Team
  • Appraise Your Sales Situation



    The BPA Benefit

    Want to speed up your journey with planning, strategy, and working smarter? The BMK BPA is for you.

    Define Your “WHY”

    Reflect on the meaning of what you want to accomplish. Be guided from there to strategy and next steps.

    Baseline Test Your Service

    Put your service department to the test, and measure against industry best practices.

    Health Check Your Team

    Grade your team from an unbiased view and uncover hidden trends.

    Verify Your Admin

    Ensure your admin systems are under control and running smoothly now and in the future.

    Evaluate Your Vendors

    With a critical eye and industry knowledge, we will evaluate your vendor’s effectiveness.

    Appraise Your Sales

    Review sales and marketing strategy to determine the health of your sales department.

    We've got a plan for you. 

    “We hired Bering Mickinley to help us understand our business and "the numbers" more thoroughly. They helped us design a sales compensation program and with many other tasks.” 

    “The BMK team helped us get past our own bull and talked us through taking things to the next level in business operations and management. They have a direct style that is refreshing for pushing you to do the next right thing.”