GPS Peer Teams

for Quicker Results

Bering McKinley Peer Teams provide an added level of education and accountability

Education and Accountability are key concepts. This program marries the one-on-one Compass Business Consulting with the power of peer team learning and accountability that you only find in a team of peers who do what you do. BMK Peer Teams are your way to learn not just from your BMK Consultant but also from a hand-selected team of other business owners ready to share their experiences and input. There is never a reason to be alone in your ownership journey.

Are Peer Teams Right for Our Organization?

Do any of these questions or scenarios apply to you?

  • Find yourself unsure of what to do next
  • Don’t have the ability to spot trends to make corrections before it becomes a problem
  • Not able to understand how a loss in revenue is impacting the profitability as quickly as needed
  • Not able to recognize that slow descent into a major loss of clients and/or revenue
  • Lost a big client and you want to hang onto your staff, but you’re not sure how long you can afford to pay them
  • Your utilization numbers are growing, and I don’t want to burn out my staff
  • You know the business has outgrown your ability to know every transaction and nuanced system.

The  CEO Peer Teams Details

  • Ten companies per Team from non-competing markets working towards a common goal of profitability and planning for the future.
  • Meet three times a year for two (2) full days in Chicago.
  • Unpacking your biggest pain points with others who have been there
  • Once a year presentations to the team for structured and actionable feedback.
  • In-depth financial analysis focused on your trends and goal performance.
  • BMK Financial Dashboard giving you information on the GPS 14 Essentials (our top key financial metrics) and benchmark of 100s of other companies against your results – without having to manually push the data to your report.

The  Service Manager Peer Teams Details

  • Ten Service Managers per Team from non-competing markets working towards mastery of the role, profitability in the department, and thrilled clients and staff.
  • Meet two times a year for two (2) full days in Chicago.
  • Learning the fundamentals and being held accountable to those standards
  • Deep dive in to your operational decision making skills to grow and enhance individuals
  • Monthly accountability call with your team members and a BMK Professional Facilitator

ConnectWise Audits Baked Into the Program

The Bering McKinley Peer Teams also offers an additional point of guidance in the form of a Monthly ConnectWise Manage Audits. The point is to not get behind the power curve of your most vital tool, your PSA.  And because this is a guided audit, you and your team are continually learning what to look for and why covering the following:

  • Time Entry Compliance
  • Agreement Buildout Compliance
  • Invoicing Compliance
  • Sales Module Review
  • Service Ticket Compliance

Let's Talk About Peer Teams

Let's Talk About GPS Peer Teams

GPS Peer Teams