GPS Peer Teams

for Quicker Results

GPS Peer Teams provide an added level of team learning, guidance, and accountability.

Education and Accountability are key concepts. This program marries the one-on-one Compass Business Consulting with the power of peer team learning and accountability that you only find in a team of peers who do what you do.GPS is your way to learn not just from your BMK Consultant but also from a hand-selected team of other business owners ready to share their experiences and input. There is never a reason to be alone in your ownership journey.

Are GPS Peer Teams Right for Our Organization?

Do any of these questions or scenarios apply to you?

  • Agreements sometimes don’t get invoiced
  • Don’t have the ability to spot trends to make corrections before it becomes a problem
  • Not able to understand how a loss in revenue is impacting the profitability as quickly as needed
  • Not able to recognize that slow descent into a major loss of clients and/or revenue
  • Lost a big client and you want to hang onto your staff, but you’re not sure how long you can afford to pay them
  • Your utilization numbers are growing, and I don’t want to burn out my staff
  • You know the business has outgrown your ability to know every transaction and nuanced system.

The GPS Peer Teams Details

  • Nine companies per GPS team from non-competing markets working towards a common goal of profitability and planning for the future.
  • Meet twice a year for two (2) full days in Chicago.
  • ConnectWise Audit results and benchmarketing.
  • Once a year presentations to the team for structured and actionable feedback.
  • In-depth financial analysis focused on your trends and goal performance.
  • Monthly team call to cover specific topics or get input on your issues.
  • GPS financial dashboard giving you information on the GPS 14 Essentials (our top key financial metrics) and benchmark of 100s of other companies against your results – without having to manually push the data to your report.
  • Actionable sales plan by each team member designed to help you achieve your growth goals.
  • Service & Sales managers are invited to participate in a similar and parallel Peer track, reinforcing the concepts and strategies introduced in the GPS Compass environment.
  • Discounts provided for companies with participants in multiple teams.


Connectwise Audits Baked Into the Program

The Bering McKinley GPS Peer Teams also offers an additional point of guidance in the form of a Monthly ConnectWise Manage Audits. The point is to not get behind the power curve of your most vital tool, your PSA.  And because this is a guided audit, you and your team are continually learning what to look for and why covering the following:

  • Time Entry Compliance
  • Agreement Buildout Compliance
  • Invoicing Compliance
  • Sales Module Review
  • Service Ticket Compliance


Let's Talk About GPS Peer Teams

Let's Talk About GPS Peer Teams

GPS Peer Teams