Peer Teams

Peer Teams give your IT company the opportunity to implement practices and methods that lead to greater success and profitability. Through these teams, you share and learn from the successes and failures of your peers in the industry, while finding solutions to common problems.

Bering McKinley offers Peer Teams for leadership, sales and service professionals. Our teams are crafted around the unique roles of different individuals within the management structure. As a result, you will find our meetings to be convenient, relevant and impactful. We have invested heavily in our training and in our development to bring you an amazing experience every time.

Choose a team that fits your needs:

Owner Peer Teams

Accountability and Education!  You’ll learn from your facilitator and you’ll learn from your peers.  You’ll be given the opportunity to focus on the three big areas of your business from a strategic and analytic perspective. Highly financial results-oriented team. Review company financials, trends in your company, and identifying trends in your company, and identifying trends in the market.  On top of that, you’ll have 9 people paying attention to you and what you say you want.  If you slack off, they are there to remind you why you started this in the first place.  No need to be an island and alone.


Service Managers Teams

The opportunity for you to see the world beyond your owner’s perspective. Learn how others are offering their services and how they are succeeding and struggling. Service Managers focus on how to manage workflow, staff, and improve their department’s profitability while providing a world-class client experience. There is no better way to support your service manager than by making this investment in them.

Why Consider a Peer Team Over Other Industry Peer Groups?

A team is different from a group. Groups are for therapy, teams are for winning.  We want you to win.  We want you to set your target and utilize the strength of your entire team to achieve your target. Unlike other groups in the industry, we limit our groups to 10 in hopes that you will be challenged by team individuals who can share their insights and hold you accountable to set achievable goals. Along the way you will discover new ideas that you might have wanted to implement or have tried unsuccessfully in the past to implement. You will be inspired to go beyond today’s comfort levels and you will be held accountable for achieving realistic financial and growth goals all while learning, sharing and growing in a team environment.

We aren’t a vendor showcase.  We aren’t fancy.  We won’t dazzle you with how well we can spend vendors money.  You’ll come to Chicago, you’ll work hard and you’ll go home.  It’s not a retreat or a vacation.  We laugh and have fun, but the bottom line is we are trying to win and we are trying to learn.  We want this experience to improve your life, your employees’ lives, and your client’s experience with you.

Don’t just join a group run by others loosely associated with your growth goals. Join a team that will inspire, lead and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Start a conversation to see if the Bering McKinley Peer Teams are Right for you.

Give me the run down! Peer Team details below:

•  Ten companies per team from non-competing markets.

•  Meet twice a year for two (2) full days in Chicago.

•  Your team IS your Board of Directors. At least once a year you’ll give a presentation for structured and actionable feedback.

•  In depth financial analysis focused on your trends and goal performance.

•  Monthly team call to cover specific topics or get input on your issues.

•  Online financial dashboard that works with no “uploading” from you.

•  Discounts for companies with participants in multiple teams.



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