Operational Consulting 

(Service, Admin, and Sales)

BMK Perspective is a management consulting engagement designed to improve all aspects of your operations.

This engagement increases your enterprise value by improving how you manage your people, build processes and tweak performance.

Find solace in your dedicated Executive Coach who will work with you to tackle challenges big and small with expertise

“There is no such thing as bad employees, just bad managers”

The Perspective Experience Focuses on 3 Core Areas:


Complete running remodel of the service and sales departments. Get it right from the ground up and realize the efficiencies of running at 100%.


Included service and CEO peer team membership ensures that you and your team are educated and supported in running your newly redesigned business.


The proof is in the numbers and with Perspective + results. With the financial dashboard and executive briefing see the improvement in real-time.

As a member of the Perspective program, you have access to BMK’s proprietary Financial Dashboard which automatically computes, compares, and analyses your business data. Good data helps you make smarter decisions.

We've got a plan for you. 

“We hired Bering Mickinley to help us understand our business and "the numbers" more thoroughly. They helped us design a sales compensation program and with many other tasks.” 

“The BMK team helped us get past our own bull and talked us through taking things to the next level in business operations and management. They have a direct style that is refreshing for pushing you to do the next right thing.”