Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams


Karl Palachuk’s Managed Services in a Month (MSIAM) & Bering McKinley have joined forces to offer a unique opportunity for students, fans, and experts in the philosophies of MSIAM. 

Join the MSIAM Peer Team dedicated to helping leaders who:

  • Have adopted or desire to take the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in Service Management to the next level;
  • Desires to be a part of a like-minded community of leaders who strive to build their businesses around strong foundational best practices;
  • Have committed themselves to making the investment into sales; and,
  • Believe financial benchmarks are critical to navigating profitable growth.



What makes these Peer Team unique?

These teams follow the MSIAM Blueprint, giving members a united philosophy focused on the three big areas of your business:

  • Group Financial Analysis: With access to the BMK Financial Dashboard giving you information on the BMK 14 (our top key financial metrics), review your financial results, benchmark 100s of other companies against your results and discuss trends in the marketplace.
  • Building a Profitable Sales Engine: The only way to scale and grow is a productive and profitable sales team. We are going to get you on the right path to building your sales engine. Every participant works from actionable sales plan to help you achieve your growth goals.
  • Accelerated Service Delivery: No more reinventing of the (service) wheel. Every member will practice impeccable dispatch, great time entry, and clear financial targets.


Why Consider a Peer Team Over Other Industry Peer Groups?

A team is different from a group. Groups are for therapy, teams are for winning.  We want you to win.  We want you to be proud of your definition of winning.  Your team is going to be pushing you and holding you accountable to achieving your victory.  Bering McKinley pushes you to do what you said you would.  We don’t care about our goals for you, we don’t tell you the “right way and wrong way,” we don’t sell you a kit.  We show you what’s worked for hundreds of other companies, we remind you what you said you wanted to achieve and we keep you motivated to do it!  No excuses.

Give me the run down!
Peer Team details below:

  • All Peer Teams will follow the MSIAM philosophy.
  • There will be no more than 10 companies per team from non-competing markets.
  • We meet twice a year for two (2) full days in Chicago.
  • Your team IS your Board of Directors. Every meeting will include you going over your performance with your group.
  • The in-depth financial analysis is focused on your trends and goal performance.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Service and Sales are presented by experts in the field.
  • Monthly team calls take place to cover specific topics or get input on your issues.
  • Access an online financial dashboard (that works, with no “uploading” from you). Oh, and unlike any other group, no room for fudging the numbers. These numbers are pulled directly from YOUR Quickbooks.
  • Regular appearances and input from Karl Palachuk.

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