Your business isn’t working the way you want it to. You’ve tried tearing everything apart, and you’re still not getting the results you need. Getting the advice, next step directives and expertise of a seasoned professional who has walked in your shoes and brings to the table the know-how you need is consulting.

We offer business consulting around four specific areas including Sales, Service Delivery, Financial Analysis, and Succession Planning. We help you sort out the good ideas from the bad, and show you what has been keeping you from moving forward.

Choose an individual consulting package that
meets your current need:

Service Delivery Consulting

Your Service Department must evolve.  It’s not enough to just solve your client’s technical issues.  It’s not enough to have a bunch of recurring revenue.  If you want to achieve the next level, you have to master dispatching, staff performance management, key financial metrics, pricing theory, and of course, creating a signature experience every time.

Help Me Move My Service Department Forward

Sales Consulting

Your business, your market, and your service offerings are constantly changing.  Your sales people and strategy need to evolve as well.  We teach you how to manage sales activities, not just sales people.  From helping you hire your first appointment setter to working out a new compensation plan, we are with you every stage of the way. Achieve your goals with a strong sales force.  Let’s not forget your sales people.  We have trained 100’s of sales people over the years.  Selling IT Services is not easy. In fact, it’s very difficult.  We train you and your staff on the fundamentals of selling and the more complex aspects.

Help Me Build a Profitable SalesForce

Business Sale & Succession Planning

We recognize that most IT Solution Provider owners are not ready to be considered for a sale or have not taken steps to ensure a successful succession plan is in place. Start by working with a team that can help you build a game plan to get you to your desired goals. Bering McKinley specializes in helping IT Solution Provider owners determine and achieve their desired goals.

Our Packaging Your Business for the Right Kind of Buyer takes a systematic approach to position your business for the greatest dollar payout.

In this package, we will:

  • Identify which areas of your business need attention
  • Develop an “Operational Roadmap” to maximize a smooth handoff
  • Conduct a thorough financial analysis, providing recommendations and implementation for a clear understanding of your financials
  • Identifying the right type buyers for your business: private equity, competitors, employees, etc.
  • Develop a 1-3-5-10 year plan on where the business needs to be to sell for the greatest amount to any type of buyer

Prepare My Business for the Next Step

Financial Analysis

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.  We literally wrote the book on financial analysis for IT Solution Providers.  We have 14 key financial benchmarks you can truly calculate and take action on.  Not 100’s of strangely nuanced “interesting” benchmarks.  We keep it simple and actionable.  We’ve helped 1000’s of owners take control of their financials and finally remove the mystery to what they should be focusing on.



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