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Get More Out of Your ConnectWise Investment

The ConnectWise Suite (Manage, Automate & Sell) can help you streamline services and help you track billing and profitability. When demoed, it probably looked simple to implement and use, and you might have had high hopes for gaining immediate insights from your ConnectWise investment. But the reality might seem a bit farther from the dream.

Many business leaders find themselves challenged to know :

  1. Did we set-up correctly the first time?
  2. How do we get more out of our investment into ConnectWise?
  3. How do we integrate our ConnectWise to our accounting package to get better reporting?
  4. Do we need to make changes to our processes to fit the ConnectWise “way”?
  5. How do we put together ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate & ConnectWise Sell?


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ConnectWise Consulting
ConnectWise Consulting

ConnectWise Consulting and Implementation Services

Bering McKinley provides complete, end-to-end business support and implementation services, delivering quick and cost-effective solutions throughout every aspect of your ConnectWise Consulting Engagement.

Although ConnectWise does a solid job of implementation, some companies buying it for the first time need specific assistance. As seasoned business consultants to your industry, Bering McKinley provides a depth of conversation that goes beyond the preliminary implementation of ConnectWise “as a tool.” After a thorough analysis of your current business processes, we will map a roadmap that follows our 3-Year Maturity Model. This model is a step-by-step implementation path following the complete integration of ConnectWise over the course of 3-years. You will have the insight and roadmap to get the most out of your ConnectWise investment at a pace that matches your team and resource allocation.

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ConnectWise Manage Consulting

ConnectWise Manage Consulting

  • Fundamental ConnectWise Accounting Mastery
  • ConnectWise Agreement Mastery
  • ConnectWise Workflow Mastery
  • ConnectWise Service Board Mastery

Fundamental ConnectWise Accounting Mastery

Taking an in-depth look at how ConnectWise impacts your finances, we will set-up your invoicing over to QuickBooks. The Bering McKinley team will continue to work alongside you through 2-3 invoicing cycles including two agreement cycles and two hourly projects or expense cycles to ensure that your invoicing is working as anticipated and you get the results you desire.

ConnectWise Agreement Mastery

This program begins by understanding the additions and costs of goods sold as well as automating notes to make reconciliation easier. With an eye towards daily use and an eye on reporting, we will help you best understand when to use Agreements and how to get meaningful reporting overtime. Finally, our team will work through tools that auto-populate fields like user counts, machine counts, back-up usage, etc. We want your team to feel confident in their use of Agreements and the automation that makes this tool so powerful.

ConnectWise Workflow Mastery

If you don’t set-up ConnectWise right from the beginning, you risk losing all of that automation that follows. Whether it is choosing the right sales order, ticket or opportunity types, and status, each step can trigger a workflow that automates processes and reduces input errors. Don’t forgo such an important benefit to your ConnectWise investment. Let us help you get the most out of your ConnectWise workflow automation today.

ConnectWise Service Board Mastery

Learning how to quickly and efficiently set up service boards to trigger workflows and move tickets between workspaces is a feature that many companies have used to their advantage. Automating certain aspects of the service board also leads to drastically more efficient customer-facing processes and consistent issues with project management. Let us help you make your service team efficient and profitable.

ConnectWise Sell Consulting

ConnectWise Sell Mastery

Want to really get the most out of your ConnectWise quoting and proposal software? Then setting up properly and mastering your ConnectWise Sell module is the best way to do that. With years of ConnectWise experience combined with many more years of sales and business expertise, our  ConnectWise Sell Consultants will help you set-up the Sell module, automate reminders, establish permissions, and build rules that protect bottom-line margins.

ConnectWise Automate Mastery

ConnectWise Automate is a cloud and on-premises, device ecosystem that helps companies track and manage IT assets from a single location. Allow our ConnectWise Automate Consultants to help you build rules and best practices around data flow from the Automate to Manage module. Create and automate high-value technical tasks that increase productivity and ensure accuracy in service delivery and reporting. – Read More

ConnectWise Automate

Bering McKinley ConnectWise Application Consultants

A Bering McKinley Application Consultant is cross-trained and consistently works in both operational improvement and system implementation. The two skill sets are complimentary. Operational improvement skills allow the business to focus on the definition of the new operational workflow. With these skills, the business architect is able to participate in an impactful way across the entire project. Our Application Consultants are equipped to align the scope, project design, and identify functional requirements across the entire project to minimize gaps and focus on delivering the predicted business value. They are experts in relating the ever-difficult task of identifying, assessing, and communicating project risks and impacts throughout the MSP or IT business as a whole.

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Meet the Consultant Team

Josh Peterson

Josh Peterson


Stephanie Krintz

Stephanie Krintz

Principal Consultant

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson

Management Consultant

Will Young

Will Young

ConnectWise Manage & Automate Consultant

Rose Avila

Rose Avila

ConnectWise Manage & Sell Consultant

The Application Consultant role crosses between that of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. In many projects, our Application Consultants are hired as a single resource to serve both roles; however, they can serve as either independently or as a separate adviser to the business team based on the scope of the project. In whatever role they fill, the job of an Application Consultant is to always ask better questions and to provide a forward-look of the project.

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Bering McKinley is an Advantage ConnectWise Partner offering implementation & business consulting services. ConnectWise and its registered trademarks ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Sell are property of ConnectWise, Inc.
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