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ConnectWise Consulting to Help You Get the

Most Out of Your ConnectWise Investment

ConnectWise Manage is a tool.  Bering McKinley knows better than anyone else how to take that tool and marry your processes and methods to it. Your Professional Services Automation (PSA) package is your most important business investment. No one knows your PSA like we do. With 100’s of ConnectWise implementations and 1000’s of hours spent configuring, customizing, and mastering, we are the most experienced integrators in the world. We have traveled the world physically and remotely helping IT and MSP Providers gain every ounce of value out of their investment through our ConnectWise Consulting.

We can help you jump start your use of ConnectWise or help you with that final push to discover its full potential.

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Types of ConnectWise Consulting

Bering McKinley provides complete, end-to-end business support and advisory services, delivering creative solutions quickly and cost-effectively throughout every aspect of ConnectWise Manage. We will help you understand how your processes fit into ConnectWise Manage and best practices for entering data, integrating your accounting and using Agreements to glean profitability reporting from your PSA. We offer the following suite of expertise that can be customized to meet your needs.


Implementation Consulting

Bering McKinley implementation services focus on helping you map and extract your desired business outcomes from ConnectWise Manage. Specifically, we help develop plans, policies, procedures, goal setting, execution plans, identification of internal and external dependencies, resources, and more. We also assist our clients in translating their business strategy into executable action plans and investments that drive mission fulfillment.

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Project Management Consulting

Too often, project implementations fall short in meeting the outcomes envisioned.  Whether you have had CW Manage for years or months, we can help you get that final mile completed.  Implementing that Sales Module or Procurement model or finally implementing the launch of CW Manage.  At Bering McKinley, our Implementation team focuses on bridging the gap between the current reality and the promise of tomorrow, bringing about:

  • A better solution for the business
  • Less rework over the lifecycle of ConnectWise Manage
  • A smoother go-live and user acceptance of changes

Bering McKinley uses seasoned project management methodologies coupled with a fresh view of implementation processes driven by micro goals. Bering McKinley leads projects by focusing on the burning question, “Are we poised to reach our goal?” We collaborate with your team to fluidly manage the entire project to achieve your goals.

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Business (Process) Application Consulting

Bering McKinley has combined two of their leading practices, Operations Improvement and System Implementation, to fill a gap noticed by our research and experience. The role leverages the expertise and depth of experience available within the Bering McKinley firm to provide a unique expertise to our clients.

A Bering McKinley Application Consultant is cross-trained and consistently works in both Operational Improvement and System Implementation. The two skill sets are complimentary. The Operational Improvement skill allows the business focus on the definition of the new operational workflow. With these skills, the Business Architect is able to participate in an unusually impactful way across the entire project. Our Application Consultants are equipped to align scope, project design, and identify functional requirements across the entire project to minimize gaps and focus on delivering the predicted business value. They are experts in relating the ever-difficult task of identifying, assessing, and communicating project risks and impacts throughout the MSP or IT business as a whole.

The Application Consultant role crosses between that of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. In many projects, our Application Consultant are hired as a single resource to serve both roles; however, they can serve as either independently or as a separate advisor to the business team based on the scope of the project. In whatever role they fill, the job of an Application Consultant is to always ask better questions and provide a forward-look of the project.

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