Getting Started with ConnectWise Automate Consulting

ConnectWise Automate. Sure, you’ve heard of it – with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell, it makes up the ConnectWise suite.

But, how can it help your business? How can it improve your team’s and clients’ experiences?

What is ConnectWise Automate?


ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, is a cloud and on-premises Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool that helps companies track and manage IT assets from a single location. How would this help your business, and why is it crucial for this to be functioning optimally? It allows your technicians to automate more of the technical work, freeing up valuable time, energy, and resources that can be refocused on other high-priority tasks.

Further, integrating your ConnectWise Manage with your ConnectWise Automate tool takes your business’s services and support to the next level, increasing your proactivity, revenue, and knowledge of your company’s and clients’ technology and devices, while also decreasing response times and business disruptions. Are you ready to increase your revenue and add invaluable time back into your workday?

Why recruit a ConnectWise Automate Consultant?


Save yourself hours of research and frustration wondering whether you correctly set your ConnectWise Automate tool up to not only perform basic tasks, but to function optimally. An Automate consultant has a deep and complex understanding of the product, and with your expertise of your technical operations, we can get it implemented and customized to your business’s unique needs. Don’t fall into the trap of trial-and-error use; begin your partnership with a ConnectWise Automate Consultant at Bering McKinley!

“A million times thank you!! Your team is so fantastic and such a joy to work with!!”

Sarah G.

Hicksville, NY

“Bering McKinley opened my eyes to a lot of deficiencies in our organization. We have work to do.”

Ian S.

Gresham, OR

So what sets Bering McKinley’s ConnectWise Automate Consultants from the rest?


Aside from our no BS approach, our deep understanding that time is money, and our decades-long work with and alongside ConnectWise, Bering McKinley Consultants have worked with hundreds of companies to customize their Automate landscape. We learn about each company’s unique needs, pain points, and goals and follow industry best practices to ensure the top-level business health.

Bering McKinley’s ConnectWise experts are ready and eager to collaborate with each other and give you the best possible experience as a ConnectWise user.

We fully believe you have the intelligence and tenacity to hunt down the answers you need – but at what cost to your time and energy? Let us eliminate inevitable mistakes, misunderstandings, and trial-and-error and get you to your end goal as quick as possible.

How are Direct Consulting and Implementations different?


You purchase your ConnectWise Automate license and complete your implementation. The foundation of your Automate is set up correctly, yes, but you know that Automate can do so much more for your business. We take pride in our implementation services, but indeed, the implementation only scratches the surface of what CW Automate can do for your business.

We assure you that you will have more questions – we have answers.

Our consultants have the expertise and experience to optimize your software, help you react to and prevent future issues, and provide ConnectWise Automate training and support that is second to none.

Consulting beyond the implementation allows you to ask specific questions, ensure that operational changes and company expansion are reflected in your systems, and increase your revenue while decreasing your costs.

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