Attend the 2-day Cyber Insurance Bootcamp Training for MSP’s to leverage cyber insurance to reduce client risk and build better security revenue —all for only $699!

Participants in the Bootcamp will learn:

  • Why the cyber insurance market is changing so vastly
  • What every MSP MUST know when it comes to cyber insurance
  • How to drive more revenue by leveraging cyber insurance
  • How to answer cyber insurance questionnaires effectively
  • What you can and cannot say when it comes to cyber insurance
  • How to build cyber insurance into every QBR successfully
  • How to answer all the objections and challenges a client might pose when it comes to cyber insurance
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The event will occur at the Hyatt Lodge, 2815 Jorie Boulevard, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Discount rates will be available for attendees.

About the Bootcamp Dream Team


Vice President and Channel Chief for FifthWall Solutions

Wes Spencer is a nationally recognized technology innovator and cybersecurity influencer and co-founder of multiple cybersecurity companies including Perch Security which was successfully acquired in 2020. Wes has numerous awards, including the 2020 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Wes has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Pro Publica, Dark Reading, and many other outlets.

Wes is the Vice President and Channel Chief for FifthWall Solutions, one of the nation’s largest insurance brokers focusing exclusively on cybersecurity insurance. Wes is also the co-host of the CyberCall with over 5,000 MSP weekly listeners. Outside of the office, Wes fancies a tasty bourbon and some crispy hot chicken. You’ll also find him on YouTube ( where his dictator headquarters are, and he talks a bit about technology, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency.

Alex Farling

Co-Founder & Channel Chief at Lifecycle Insights

Alex is currently the Co-Founder & Channel Chief at Lifecycle Insights after successfully exiting his MSP in 2020. With over 20 years of experience in the MSP space, Alex specializes in helping MSPs improve vCIO & Account Manager efficiency, building process around managing the Client Lifecycle from initial sale to long-term client success. His vision for Lifecycle Insights solves a key problem that Alex identified in his own MSP and others in the community and helps Account Managers and vCIOs deliver actionable insights to their customers in the form of strategic engagements (QBRs), actionable risk data, and total cost of ownership budgeting.

When he’s not helping MSPs grow their businesses, Alex is either working with early-stage startups as an advisor/angel investor, playing volleyball, or hanging out with his fiancé (Jess) and his dog (Thor).

Will Young

Chief Technology Officer at Bering McKinley

Will is an automation junkie and service management authority. He combines his superpowers to help MSPs better automate operations by making service management tools “talk” to each other resulting in simplified processes that streamline efficiencies and improve outcomes. You can expect him to ask, “what can you be automating next?”

Will oversees the development and consulting of Bering McKinley’s ConnectWise Automate and Service Management programs for the past three years. With 15 years of service delivery experience, he has built and run service departments both as an employee and a consultant. With a strong desire for continued knowledge and new challenges, Young participates in industry groups and is always looking for new ways to use technology to solve problems faster.