About Us

The Bering McKinley crew is who you want at any stage of your IT firm’s development.  We’ve helped dozens of companies break the magical $1,000,000 in revenue.  We’ve also helped 100’s of companies figure out the riddle of selling their services with a phenomenal sales development plan.

No one has sat in more IT Solution Provider offices than Bering McKinley.  We know you.  We know your tools.  We know your people. Every work day of the year for 15 years we have been on the phone with or in front of IT Solution Providers.  We’ve spent more than 50,000 combined hours fine tuning how to get the most profitable results for YOU.  You get to benefit from this by engaging with us.  We don’t have a crystal ball but we know how to look around the corners to get you where you need to be and avoid the traps.

The Bering McKinley Difference

EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and EXPERIENCE are what you should expect from us.  We have the playbook, we know how to execute on it and we know you will be profitable under our direction.  Here are 3 things you may not expect, but we think you should know:


With over 15 years of experience, Bering McKinley has acquired the type of intuitive knowledge that provokes us to ask the right questions, tackle complex issues and move toward sophisticated, permanent solutions. We know that process improvement takes time and a lot of patience: we’ll leverage both to treat the root cause of your issue, not just the symptoms.


We don’t work miracles, but we do work hard.  Raw, unfiltered feedback from Bering McKinley has empowered over 1,000 owners to break down the seemingly complex issues of their organization into 3 fundamental areas: sales, service and financials.   With a solid foundation to build upon, fires will cease, hours will return to the day and your business will achieve financial stability.


Financials are complex, and the road can be treacherous.  We’re passionate about helping clients unravel the financial mystery, so they can shift their focus away from the rear-view mirror and out onto the windshield.  Hindsight is 20/20, so why not leverage it to better predict the future, arrive at advanced workflow and drive your business forward?

Meet the Team

Josh Peterson


Let’s face it, Josh’s 14 years of management consulting experience doesn’t mean anything to you, and it shouldn’t. People can hold down a job for decades and still not be any good at it. The only thing that matters is results. Josh knows B.S. when he hears it.  It’s what insulates you from your biggest and most expensive mistakes, tells you that everything will work out just fine when all evidence suggests otherwise and provides the background noise that makes it impossible to focus on the real issues facing your business. He helps you break down the excuses and falsehoods that keep success at bay, delivering a formula that he has implemented thousands of times for IT company success. You can count on him to address your biggest challenges head-on.

Meet Josh

Stephanie Krintz

Application Consultant

Stephanie has dedicated her career in consulting to mastering every aspect of ConnectWise Manage.  For years she has studied, implemented, and executed on CW Management strategies around the globe.  Stephanie is also a lead consultant all matters regarding Service Management and Service Delivery.  If you really press her, she’ll even give some sound advice on Sales and Sales Management, but she probably hates it as much as you do.

Meet Stephanie

Daniel Lapish

Management Consultant

Daniel served as COO of an MSP for the last 10 years. During this time he leveraged ConnectWise Manage extensively to turn a start-up VAR into a MSP machine. Dan’s hallmark skill hinges upon his ability to build best-in-class processes around all things operations (not just service delivery) while implementing those practices within ConnectWise Manage. With a track record in technology, Daniel brings a unique and profoundly simple methodology for leveraging business best practices with the tools and know-how of IT automation.

Meet Dan

Ben Altman

Sales Consultant

Ben brings over 15 years of sales management leadership across the full spectrum of technology and non-technology services. Having achieved the requisite schooling (B.S. in Business Administration and M.B.A.) and an extensive list of personal sales accolades as well as serving as a United States Marine, Ben approaches sales with integrity. Knowing that strong relationships are paramount for clients to trust before they purchase, Ben consults his clients on best practice sales management techniques that establish strong relationships within the organization and with his client’s clientele.

Meet Ben

David Spire

Management Consultant

David Spire is a man who can say, “been there done that” with more credibility than most in the IT Solution Provider community.  He has bought and sold MSP’s.  He’s tackled the building of a sales team. He currently provides consulting services to clients across the country looking to break that million dollar mark.  David also leads Bering McKinley Peer Teams in his spare time.

Meet David